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Early diagnosis can cure breast cancer!

Propav Construção e Montagem is always concerned with the health and safety of its employees, and engages in internal projects to raise awareness of different diseases through Provida program campaigns.

Did you know breast cancer affects not only women, but also men? It’s true! Although it’s more common in women, men should also self-examine regularly and seek immediate medical attention if any changes in the body are found.

Nodes in the breasts or armpits, redness or skin injuries near the chest or armpits that show no reactions to dermatology treatments, increased breast size, and changes in the nipples’ shape are some of the signs to look out for and treat.

Be sure to self-examine every day! It’s easy:

Step 1: observe yourself in front of a mirror with your arms loose.
Step 2: place both hands behind your head and observe yourself.
Step 3: place both hands on your waist and observe yourself.
Step 4: place one hand behind your head and touch yourself with the tips of your straightened fingers making circular motions, from bottom to top, top to bottom.

While observing, take note of the size, shape, and color of your breasts and any signs of swelling, sagging, rough skin texture, and protrusions. Check for nodes as you touch yourself.
Step 5: lightly press your nipples and check if any liquid is leaking.

If you notice any changes, consult a mastologist or gynecologist.

Always remember to look after your health!